Alitex Walled Garden

The Walled Kitchen Garden Network visits Suffolk

It was a beautiful sunny weekend which has become the habit of this group’s annual weekend meet up. A unique opportunity to visit some of the private Walled Kitchen Gardens of Suffolk could not be passed up by our Sales Directors, Chris Sawyer and...More >
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Alitex Walled Garden

Fulham Palace Walled Garden Official Opening.

It is one of those invites that excites you - press launch of the Alitex greenhouse and the walled garden at Fulham Palace. The weather was dubious but it didn’t dampen our sprits or the look of the garden which we managed to explore before the...More >
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Alitex National Trust Collection

WOW...It's a mobile Hidcote greenhouse at the Wellbeing of Women Charity Fundraiser, Basingstoke

Come and join us at the annual Garden and Gift Fair on Thursday May 10th,at Farleigh Wallop in aid of the charity Wellbeing of Women (WOW) dedicated to improving the healthy lives of women and children. The Fair will feature a lecture, entitled “...More >
Tags: alitex greenhouses, national trust greenhouse collection, hidcote greenhouse, Wellbeing of Women Charity
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