Person cleaning outside of a greenhouse with a large brush

Greenhouse cleaning service

An important part of caring for your greenhouse is keeping it clean and tidy. Cleaning it once a year will help maintain a healthy growing environment, reducing the spread of pests and diseases. We offer a comprehensive ‘Greenhouse Clean and Care Service’ which includes a thorough clean of your structure, inside and out. This also entails our team checking all moving parts are working correctly and efficiently, such as vents, doors, motors and mechanisms. You can find out more about what our cleaning service entails below.

What does the Alitex clean and care service entail?

We ask you to remove all the plants and pots to protect them from any cleaning chemicals and water damage.

What we use:

  • Hot jet wash (set at 60°c).
  • Biodegradable lifting agent to loosen algae and dirt.
  • Distilled water to rinse and reduce water marks.
  • Disinfectant spray for the underside of benches and for washing the floors.

We are always testing new techniques and products to develop our service to ensure that your greenhouse gets the best clean and care.

What do we need from you?

  • Please ensure the greenhouse is clear before our arrival on site.
  • Use of a 13 amp power socket.
  • Cold water supply.

How It All Works

Plant pots on the greenhouse work bench
Remove all plants

We ask you to remove all the plants and pots to protect them from any cleaning chemicals and water damage.

Clean the greenhouse

The inside and outside of the greenhouse will be cleaned using an eco-friendly mild lifting agent

Check moving parts

All moving parts will be checked and lubricated to ensure they are working efficiently.

The Process:

  • Aluminium and glass will be cleaned using a mild lifting agent (eco-friendly) and then pressure-washed both internally and externally.
  • The structure is then rinsed off to minimise water marks leaving the greenhouse sparkling.
  • All glass overlaps will be pressure-washed to remove the majority of algae & debris that may be present (please note: there will be minimal overlap stain remaining as it is not possible to remove all traces of algae).
  • All gutters and valleys will be cleaned out and downpipes checked for blockages.
  • The underside of benches will be disinfected, along with the floor being pressure-washed. 
  • Internal reservoir will be emptied out and cleaned.
  • Cold frames will be cleaned to the same specification as the greenhouse. 
  • All moving parts will be checked and lubricated. This applies to the vent torque tube supports, auto vent mechanism, auto vent opener pivots and adjusters and door hinges and locks, as well rack and pinion vent opening mechanisms. If anything requires replacing, your service engineer will provide recommendations. 
  • All shades will be cleaned in situ and re-tensioned where necessary. If required the shades will be taken down to be cleaned (please note: shades will not be restored to their original condition, as algae staining cannot be completely removed).

Can you clean the hydroleca?

Unfortunately hydroleca cannot be disinfected, we recommend you purchase replacement pellets.

Do you replace any motors or mechanisms during your checks?

The replacement of any roof motors/bayliss and the repairs of any leaks are not covered under the cleaning programme, however our team on-site can recommend which parts you need to purchase of required.

Will the cleaning service get rid of the limescale on my benching?

Removal of limescale caused by internal and external watering systems is not included in our standard cleaning service. Please chat to our team to discuss the best solution.