Wintry greenhouse

The New Growing Season

The start of 2021 certainly feels different to previous ‘new year’ beginnings, but there’s no reason why we can’t retain a little normality, especially when it comes to our gardens. They have been there for us throughout lockdown, and we definitely...More >
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Winter garden colour

Add Colour to your Winter Borders

When winter comes things in the garden start to slow down, but there are still a few jobs you can be getting on with, especially before the temperatures drop and the soil begins to freeze. Add Colour to your Garden this Winter Whilst you may have...More >
Tags: winter gardening, border colour, winter colour
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Inside Selina Lake's Shed style book

Book Review: Shed Style by Selina Lake

Selina Lake’s new book ‘ Shed Style ’ creatively explores how to decorate and use garden buildings. The beautiful imagery is sure to inspire everyone who reads it. It also includes fantastic tips for you to try in any garden rooms, pods, greenhouses...More >
Tags: Selina Lake Shed Style, Styling your greenhouse
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