Ann Marie Powell Book

Ann-Marie Powell's My Real Garden Book Review

Garden Designer, TV personality and Author, Ann-Marie Powell has taken the past year in her stride, harnessing everything we love about the outdoors and our gardens, pouring her energy into creating a unique and wonderful book, My Real Garden. At...More >
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Julia Parker Little Grower's Cookbook Review

Little Grower's Cookbook Review

With a year of intermittent home schooling under some of our belts, it can be difficult to think of new ways in which we can engage with our children. Authors Ghillie James and Julia Parker have come together to create a beautifully illustrated,...More >
Tags: Growing cookbook. gardening, Recipes
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My Real Garden

New Beginnings and My Real Garden Book

Finding Inspiration After the challenges of 2020, it’s a relief to welcome to the new beginnings of this fresh new year, isn’t it? But despite the sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges (and for many, personal tragedies), I believe that 2020...More >
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