Greenhouse heating and lighting

Make the most of your greenhouse by fitting essential heating and lighting accessories to provide optimum control for the perfect year round growing environment.

Edwards Greenhouse Heater

If you enjoy growing all year round, you'lll love our robust electric heater.

Silver Alitex Heater

Designed to provide excellent thermal efficency, the small but powerful heater is fitted with a high capacity circulating fan for effective frost free winter months.

  • Provides either 1.0 kW, 1.8 kW or 2.8 kW of thermostatically controlled heat output.
  • L 410mm x H 350mm x D 230mm.
  • Available in Silver only

How to use the heater: Video here

Ornamental Floor Grids

Originally used by the Victorians to house heating pipes, ornamental floor grids can still be used as an effective method to heat your Alitex greenhouse; or as a decorative floor finish when used alone. 

Decorative Cast Victorian floor grids in Alitex aluminium greenhouse

Our cast iron floor grids provide a sensible non-slip flooring choice; as well as being an attractive aesthetic feature- even if you do not have heating pipes. 

  •  Grids are typically 3’ by 2’
  •  Complete with a beautiful weathered finish

External Spring-Loaded Roller Blinds

Control your heat and lighting levels with our spring-loaded aluminium roller blinds. Attached externally to your greenhouse and fitted with a pulley system, our blinds allow growers to alter the level of shade from ground level.

Placed between the ridge and gutter, our roller blinds are under permanent tensions. Consquently, the blinds prevent wind movement for consistently reduced light intensity against plant scorch and high indoor heat, especially in the summer months. 

Greenhouse shades and cold frames on Alitex aluminium greenhouse

Manufactured using a commercial quality shading material, a polyolefin-based fabric interwoven with thin aluminium strips, the blinds provide 65% shading. Being reflective, it is also an excellent heat deflector in summer.

  • Made from polyolefin-based fabric with aluminium strips
  • Offers 65% shading
  • Made to measure

*Please note, if you are expecting snow or a storm, you will need to roll up the blinds as they will not support the extra weight.

Greenhouse Automatic Electrical Roof Vent

As a standing fitting for Alitex greenhouses, automatic electrical ventilation offers the precise control required for specialist growing and large greenhouse structures.

Our roof ventilation operates by automatically opening and closing in response to the ambient temperature change. 

For smaller greenhouses, we provide a combination of manual side vents with roof vents, which are controlled by a passive vent opener to create a stable growing environment.

Gifford Greenhouse Light

Designed to reflect our traditional style with a polyester powder coated reflector, the Gifford Light is an essential feature of a working greenhouse during the evenings and winter months.


For a safer and more efficient greenhouse, all lights are supplied with: 

  • A low energy 20 watt bulb
  • An IP rated in-line connector, fitted with 1 metre of flex cord

Please note: Wiring and connection to an electrical supply is not included.

Fitted Heating Systems

As an owner of a larger Alitex greenhouse, there will be times when you need a comprehensive ‘wet’ boiler run heating system. Whilst we do not undertake this work ourselves, our sister company Harrier Heating are experts in this type of installation.

Please contact Harrier Heating to discuss your heating options; visit their website or call 01284 830717.

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