Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

2metre lengths

£885 per 2m LED bar kit*

Our LED Grow Lights are the perfect accessory for keen gardeners wanting to extend their growing season and kick start their seeds in the shorter, darker winter months.

They imitate sunlight in providing a full spectrum of light to your plants, resulting in maximum photosynthesis. LED Grow Lights are a fantastic tool for year round gardeners, as they offer consistent light during the winter months and darker evenings.


The LED light bar is suspended from the glass with professional grade UV resistant suction cups on adjustable steel wires, allowing the lights to move as your plants grow. The lights are supplied in 2-metre lengths with the option to have connecting wires, allowing you to purchase additional lengths to create an even light distribution. Up to 5 metres of light bars can be plugged together in one line.

As well as using the LED light bars for growing plants in your greenhouse, the lighting system can easily be moved to various parts of the garden as you wish. Various brackets and wireless Quinetic switches are available to allow you to remotely turn on and off your garden lighting from indoors whilst the power supply is plugged into a convenient outside power socket.

The Details

Accessory features

Wheelbarrow Illustration

The light casing is powder coated in White RAL 9910, and the slim design is sleek and discreet

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Unique to your Greenhouse

Our LED lights are modular, and therefore are perfect for custom installations

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Strong hold

The suction cups are completely UV resistant, and they will hold onto the glass between -29°C and +45°C

*UK prices only. Prices include VAT at current rate. They exclude delivery and installation if ordered as stand alone item(s) and are not part of the greenhouse order. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time.

Product Specifications


Our LED Grow Lights are supplied in 1 metre or 2 metre lengths.


The casing that supports the LED strips is aluminium, powder coated in White RAL 9910.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move them around?
Yes, as they attach via suction cups onto the glass, they are really easy to move around your greenhouse.

How do I turn them on and off?
The LED Grow Lights are operated by a control box that is supplied in the kit.

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