W 585mm x L 900mm x D 405mm


Our Professional Propagator is designed to provide the warm, moist, closed environment required for germinating seedlings and newly planted cuttings.

The heart of the unit is a thermostatically controlled foil element which heats the heated mat, operating within the range of 0°C to 40°C, encouraging healthy growth.

The aluminium frame is powder coated to match your greenhouse colour, and is fitted with a transparent hinged lid for easy access. The generous size is capable of holding 4 seed trays (at 368mm x 241mm each in size), and is therefore particularly suited to the avid gardener.

The Details

Accessory Features

Wheelbarrow Illustration
Kick start germination

Most seeds germinate between 18°C and 22°C, and our Propagator will maintain those steady temperatures

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Get going early

Ideal for autumn sowing, get your veg growing in the greenhouse early, ready to maximise their time out in the garden come spring

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Exotic plants

Our Propagator offers the ideal environment for exotic seedlings like chillies to germinate at temperatures of 30°C

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Product Specifications


W 585mm x L 900mm x D 405mm


The shell of the Propagator is manufactured in aluminium, powder coated to match your greenhouse. The PETG plastic lid covers the top, and the heated mat is made from aluminised steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it weigh?
When empty, the Propagator weighs 1600g.

How is it controlled?
Our Propagator is easy to operate, using the dial of thermostatic controls. Consider what you are trying to germinate, and set the temperature accordingly.

How do I use it?
Follow this helpful video to see our Propagator in action.

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