Five Questions to answer your greenhouse layout dilemma

Internal Greenhouse layout

We often get asked: "What should my greenhouse look like inside?" but we're sorry to say, there's no right or wrong when it comes to designing the interior. Your options are endless, from benching and shelving to large pots and borders; it really depends on what you want from your greenhouse.

Below we've asked five questions to help determine what you want from your greenhouse.

  1. What do you want to grow?

    Tomato plant growing inside greenhouse
    Low built in planters or floor beds provides vegetable plants such as tomatoes and aubergines with plenty of height, space for stalking and will be ideal for watering - tomatoes with a deep root system have a better chance of surviving during dry spells.
    Some gardeners are a little hesitant when it comes to growing fruit under glass but we encourage you to experiment! People often say you need to live in something before you enjoy growing and enjoy eating. It's never too late to add in some extra benching or a couple of strawberry boards - accessories are easy to fit retrospectively.
    If you're into plants and flowers, then benching will definitely be ideal. It will allow you to plant at a comfortable height, you can set up a propagating bench to help encourage those seedlings and you can even accessorize with a potting shoe, enabling for fast and efficient pot filling whilst keeping compost in a manageable area.
  2. Do you want to sit and work in your greenhouse?

    Relaxing in the greenhouse
    Whether you want to paint, draw, catch up on paperwork or have a coffee break, it's easy enough to do if you place a set of chairs and a table inside. If you are looking for a place to dine, then add a lamp or a chandelier, or some comfy chairs for relaxing.
    If the greenhouse is south facing, or catches a lot of sun you might want to consider greenhouse shading blinds - this will help keep the temperature inside down and it complements the ventilation system, keeping the greenhouse cool.
  3. Will you want to store and overwinter plants?

    Greenhouse bench with propagators
    The greenhouse is a great spot for overwintering plants and with the addition of cold frames, you have even more storage space. By using single or multi-tiered benching and shelving you'll be provided with multiple options to display your plants.
  4. How personal do you want to make it?

    Personalised Greenhouse
    Make it your own by adding a personal touch. Whether this be an antique or rustic theme, if it's a lean-to you could fit mirrors to the wall or you can add a hanging lantern if it's free standing; by adding your own style your greenhouse will really stand out.
  5. Do you want to grow all year-round?

    The answer should be yes! It's easy to do with an Alitex, the ventilation system allows you to keep air cool, or compact for warmth in winter. You can add Gifford Lamps or heating lamps for light during darker days and extra warmth when it's winter. You can add blinds in the summer so your plants don't get scorched. We have a whole range of accessories to make growing easier and more enjoyable.

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