Greenhouse Benching

£800 per linear metre

*UK prices only. Prices include VAT at current rate.They exclude delivery and installation if ordered as stand alone item(s) and are not part of the greenhouse order. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time.

Designed to maintain the traditional feel of the greenhouse, this solid greenhouse benching combines strength and flexibility with elegant looks.

The depth of the benching is maximised, according to the greenhouse design for optimum growing space and is ergonomically designed to be waist height. Your greenhouse designer will advise you on the ideal depth for your space; the standard depths available are 887mm or 734mm, and the top of the bench measures 853mm from floor level.

The attractive framework is manufactured using heavy cast aluminium legs and extruded aluminium sides, which are powder coated in a colour to complement your greenhouse. The deep sides allow the bench to be filled with Hydroleca; a moisture-retaining material which we provide. Alternatively you can use shingle, sand or decorative stone to finish the bench.

To fully utilise the space within the glasshouse, we have manufactured a strong and durable lower shelf to fit beneath the bench.

A moulded aluminium extrusion supports the shelf, which is nominally 336mm above finished floor level and 370mm deep, is finished with solid timber slats. The shelf is fitted to the maximum area possible, although its size is ultimately governed by the configuration of the bench.