M&L by Alitex

Marston & Langinger by Alitex

For years, under the eye of founder Peter Marston, Marston & Langinge r developed stunning double glazed structures from conservatories and orangeries to garden rooms in wood. Motivated by enthusiastic passion and joy for interior design,...More >
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February Growing Calendar

February and Beyond - A Growing Calendar

Getting Organised February is a funny old time in the garden, traditionally known as the hungry gap - a time when the garden rests and there is very little in the way of vegetables to harvest apart from parsnips and winter greens. If you are forcing...More >
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Lavender outside Alitex greenhouse

Low maintenance plants

If a low maintenance greenhouse or garden is your dream then take a look below at a selection of our favourite low maintenance plants. These easy to grow plants can survive the not so green-thumbed amongst us with just a little love. With enough...More >
Tags: greenhouse growing, easy growing, low maintenance, plants
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Rewilding Project for Keen Growers

Rewilding is a progressive approach to conservation, enabling nature to be able to take care of itself and repairing damage to our fragile ecosystem. Large expanses of land in the UK are slowly being transformed into rewilding projects or nature...More >
Tags: Rewildling, Wilding
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Growing Superfoods in your Greenhouse

Growing Superfoods in your Greenhouse

Superfoods claim to diminish the signs of ageing, increase physical and mental strength and are overall advocated as one of the healthiest food groups. Whilst this claim might be contentious, these foods do provide essential nutrients as part of...More >
Tags: Superfoods, growing under glass, greenhouse, greenhouse growing
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Growing in an Urban Landscape

5 Tips for Growing Gardens in Urban Landscapes

Do you live in a city but wish you could spend more time in nature? Want to help support local wildlife? Why not try cultivating the space around you. Even in the smallest urban space, it’s possible to create a gorgeous growing garden. Gardening is...More >
Tags: Urban Garden, Urban Growing, Landscape, Small Space
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