Mottisfont Greenhouse for Growing and Entertaining

Case Study

Growing & Entertaining in the Mottisfont

4 October 2022 | Daisy Faughnan

Settling into their new holiday home on the Isle of Wight with a large garden, our customer always knew a greenhouse would be a feature point of their new outdoor space.

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National Trust Collection

Project Overview


National Trust Mottisfont


2.6m x 4m


Wood Sage

The inspiration for the project was to recreate the magic of the customer’s childhood spent in her father’s greenhouse, along with a lifelong passion for gardening.

One of our Sales Designers, Chris Sawyer, visited the 150ft x 60ft garden and met with the client to understand the project and discuss ideas and options. The Sales Visit enabled Chris to explore where the greenhouse might look best, and suggested the bottom of the long garden, opening up the whole space. The Mottisfont greenhouse from our National Trust Collection was the perfect fit for the area and would provide plenty of room for growing and relaxing; a requirement.

The client was keen to put their own identity on to the greenhouse. Traditional Benching in each gable end of the greenhouse allowed for plenty of room in the middle for a table and chairs. The addition of External Shades, a Water Reservoir and Gifford Lights made this greenhouse perfect to nurture cuttings, as well as the great entertaining space it was to become. As our client wished, the greenhouse “looked as though it was meant to be there”.

In amongst the seasonal seedlings and cuttings which were being grown, space is not short for hosting guests all year round. In this greenhouse, the joy of growing is certainly matched by the joy of entertaining.

National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse
National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse

The Style

The Mottisfont is picturesque in the long garden

National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse
National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse


Traditional Benching and Strawberry Boards provide plenty of staging

National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse
National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse

Internal Layout

Benching at each gable end leaves plenty of room for a table and chairs

Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.

A.A. Milne, Author

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