Water Reservoir and Pump


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Internal greenhouse reservoirs have many advantages, including collecting rain water run-off from the roof. With our increasing awareness of water conservation, reservoirs are the perfect way to harvest your rainwater without large external water butts.

In addition, you keep the water warmer, which reduces the risk of thermal shock. Rain water is also soft and, as many plants are adverse to liming, this can be a major advantage in hard water areas.

Furthermore, locating the reservoir under the bench protects the collected water from exposure to sunlight, thus helping to reduce algae build up. A tight fitting lid is fitted for safety.

Made of robust construction, the 80 gallon (360 litre) capacity reservoir can be discreetly sunk into the ground beneath the bench. It is supplied with a simple manual pump, which enables easy retraction of water into your watering can, and an overflow pipe leading outside the glasshouse. The reservoir is positioned half-in and half-out of the ground. It is important to note that all apertures within the plinth wall for overflows and downpipes should be made at the time of building works.

Please note: This item will need fitting at the time of greenhouse installation.

From time to time your reservoir water may become stagnant and begin to smell, we have just the thing that will help get rid of smelly reservoir water - click here to see the video.