Freeze Proof Outside Taps. Useful Design Innovation

Inside of a greenhouse, make sure taps don't freeze

It might be difficult to imagine in this balmy spring but many of you will be familiar with the nightmare that occurs when your outside taps freeze and explode.

New to the UK, using tried and tested engineering, a new range of outside frost proof taps are now available to banish this problem.

The distinctive characteristic of the outside wall tap is that the internal valve is actually situated on the inside of the wall, thereby staying warm during the cold months. The on/off mechanism stays on the exterior, adjoined to a pipe which sits in the wall at a slight downward angle, ensuring water drips outside, not in. This is a fabulous answer for hot and cold running water requirements.

The hydrant can be situated in a field, with a 5 foot valve reaching into the ground by 3 foot, ensuring frost free pipes and running water even in the coldest of months.

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