The Ickworth Greenhouse- A National Trust Addition

National Trust Ickworth greenhouse launch

"A Georgian Italianate palace in an idyllic English landscape"

The National Trust Ickworth House, a spectacular estate in a picturesque setting, is the inspiration for our eighth and final addition to our National Trust Greenhouse collection.

Kitchen Garden at Ickworth Estate

This impressive estate is buried in rural Suffolk and owns a colourful heritage. Due to an eccentric historical family, adding treasures over 200 years, the earliest Italianate Garden in England was created. Today, thanks to the National Trust, its heritage lives on in the idyllic landscape and neo-classical mansion.


We are very proud of our relationship with the National Trust and for each greenhouse sold from the National Trust collection we generate valuable income which goes towards the restoration and conservation undertaken by the National Trust. Our National Trust collection of greenhouses are a representation of the beauty the Trust maintains; they are practical, low maintenance and have the timeless aesthetic qualities that mimic the presence of their original heritage.

A sketch of The Ickworth

The Ickworth is our largest structure within the range, measuring 2.9m x 7.1m. It is designed in a cruciform shape featuring an extended lobby on either side. The front and back lobbies create a large central area with a full ridge height for generous growing space. This extra height will allow space for tall trees and climber specimens to wind towards the roof. A 'u' shaped bench which follows the edge of the structure will allow maximum growing capacity leaving opportunities for pots, overwintering plants or beds in the ground. Alternatively, an open doorway in one lobby with a blank gable end can be used for additional benching, beds or even seating and entertaining area. The idea of this structure is to provide endless opportunities for a greenhouse, from a kitchen garden to tranquil escape.

Our factory team have been working hard to prepare the structure and as you can see in the photos the stages of our trial erect have begun. We undertake this important process in production to ensure the structure fits perfectly on site. This particular structure will take pride of place on our stand at Chelsea Flower Show. The Ickworth will be the main setting for a working kitchen garden. Do come and see us on Main Avenue stand MA429.

The Ickworth Trial
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