Growing Superfoods in your Greenhouse

Growing Superfoods in your Greenhouse

Superfoods claim to diminish the signs of ageing, increase physical and mental strength and are overall advocated as one of the healthiest food groups. Whilst this claim might be contentious, these foods do provide essential nutrients as part of...More >
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Growing in an Urban Landscape

5 Tips for Growing Gardens in Urban Landscapes

Do you live in a city but wish you could spend more time in nature? Want to help support local wildlife? Why not try cultivating the space around you. Even in the smallest urban space, it’s possible to create a gorgeous growing garden. Gardening is...More >
Tags: Urban Garden, Urban Growing, Landscape, Small Space
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Growing Tomatoes in a Greenhouse

Growing Tomatoes in the Greenhouse

Growing tomatoes takes patience and time, as they often need lots of nurturing and care. There are a few things to simplify your tomato care routine. Below we have a few suggestions for the best varieties, some simple watering ideas and solutions to...More >
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Growing in your Fruit House

Growing in a Fruit House

Whether you have dedicated your greenhouse to growing fruit trees and plants, or just want to introduce some citrus fruit amongst your current collection, we have gathered some top tips to help you ensure you have a healthy harvest of delicious...More >
Tags: greenhouse growing, Fruit House, greenhouses, Peach House, Citrus House, Fig House
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Caring for your Roses

Caring for your Roses

I think its fair to say that there's a rose out there for everyone, from the classic perfectly formed buds to the fragrant and blousy petals. With so many different varieties and colours, rose care can be daunting for some, but in reality it is much...More >
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Alitex Greenhouse details - door furniture

Enhancing Your Greenhouse

Alongside choosing the interior features such as the benching, lighting and heating for your greenhouse, you will need to consider the finer details such as the door furniture, finials and cresting. Made out of durable aluminium we have faithfully...More >
Tags: Greenhouse door handles, messenger greenhouse, Victorian greenhouse
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Glasshouse Greenhouse Book.

Book Review: Glasshouse Greenhouse

Magnus Edmondson and India Hobson are photographers from Sheffield, and together form Haarkon. Through their images and skill for storytelling they have gained a huge social media following through Instagram, with their account now boasting over 200...More >
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