An Alitex octagonal greenhouse specified by James Alexander-Sinclair

Bespoke freestanding hexagonal greenhouse in white

At the Alitex lecture of 2013, the designer of this garden, James Alexander-Sinclair, spoke of the journey he and his clients had gone through before they got around to commissioning a special greenhouse for this stunning walled garden within a wider landscaped garden.

From the air, this walled garden is likely to look like an intricate maze, with concentric circles punctuated with flower beds and vegetable growing areas.  

As James pointed out, the very nature of having a veg patch anywhere in the garden means that at times of the year it won't look perfect, but then it can be balanced elsewhere with evergreens or seasonal flowers. The Alitex octagonal greenhouse is the centre-piece of the walled garden, a functional sculpture which looks good at any time of the year.

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