National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse

Case Study

The Mottisfont: An Antique Collection

23 August 2022 | Daisy Faughnan

After meeting us at the Country Brocante, our client decided an Alitex Mottisfont greenhouse would be a marvellous addition to her garden.

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National Trust Collection

Project Overview




2.6m x 4m


Downland Stone

The traditional Victorian style of our National Trust collection was the perfect aesthetic to fit seamlessly into the garden of our clients 1750’s Georgian Gamekeepers cottage.

Our client enjoyed keeping her greenhouse cohesive with the rest of her home, by choosing to powder coat her Mottisfont in Downland Stone to match the colour of her window frames. In addition, she chose to use the same bricks from the cottage for the greenhouse base. She then embellished the brickwork with two decorative Victorian bricks either side of the doorway.

The installation of the new greenhouse allowed our client to further explore her new hobby of growing under glass. She enjoyed the flexibility of our accessory range allowing her to customise the greenhouse interior to suit her needs.

Our client opted for Traditional Benching at one gable end, and a planter at the other, with Strawberry Boards at both. The space in the middle was reserved for an ornate garden table and chairs, to enjoy dining with her granddaughter after a busy day gardening together.

Since her greenhouse growing endeavours, our client has relished in blooming hollyhocks, poppies, geraniums and white foxgloves, to name a few. Fuchsias and tomatoes also grow well year-after-year.

The Mottisfont has completely changed the dynamic of our clients garden, increasing the use of a previously enclosed part of the garden, even encouraging the installation of a second patio near the greenhouse.

National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse
National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse

The Design

Picturesque flat fronted lobby

National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse
National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse

The Colour

Downland Stone compliments our clients window frames

National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse
National Trust Mottisfont Greenhouse

The Space

Ample space to showcase our clients antique collection

The Mottisfont: An Antique Collection Gallery

It was great to make use of an unused and unloved part of my garden. Now it’s a beautiful focal point!

Ms Scott, Greenhouse Owner

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