Strawberry Board Shelving

from £445 per metre

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Gable, Eaves or Wall Mounted
The concept of strawberry board dates back to the Victorian heyday of glasshouse growing.

It is well known that the closer the plant and foliage are positioned to the glass, the more it will benefit from the sun's rays and solar energy, particularly during periods of lower light in spring and autumn.

By mounting the shelves along the eaves, on the gable or rear wall, the plants are closer to the glass and will receive the most out of the sun, making them less likely to become 'leggy'.

These boards are not just for strawberries, they make the perfect place for starting things off in early spring. They also provide valuable extra space in the busy growing season as well as a lovely display shelf all year round.

Shelf dimensions:

Depth: 300mm for shelves at the side of the greenhouse

Depth: 358mm for shelves on the gable end of the greenhouse

Length: varies dependent on greenhouse size