Rewilding Project for Keen Growers


Rewilding is a progressive approach to conservation, enabling nature to be able to take care of itself and repairing damage to our fragile ecosystem. Large expanses of land in the UK are slowly being transformed into rewilding projects or nature reserves, encouraging smaller animals and fauna to thrive in grassy and unkempt pastures, creating more biodiverse environments. 

We visited one of our clients who has always been very interested in wildlife, particularly in butterflies, and with five hundred acres of untouched farmland surrounding their new property they had the potential to create a sustainable wildlife habitat and realised their dream. 

Whilst growing vegetables and edible crops is a new venture for them, since the installation of their National Trust Ickworth Greenhouse , they have certainly made headway in getting their wildlife project off the ground. They have acquired and introduced a herd of cows into their land, which are helping with their efforts to re-cultivate and create the perfect environment for wildlife to thrive. 

The farmland itself has been untouched for over 20 years and was the perfect opportunity to pursue this passion for wildlife by setting up a charitable foundation that supports their work called Pig Shed Trust. The Trust aims to create tangible and measurable improvements to the natural environment. It is crucial for our clients that the estate and wildlife itself is protected for many years to come. As they explain ‘if you want to save a life on Earth, get a bit of Earth and save a life on it’.

There are plenty of books to inspire your rewilding project, we especially like Isabella Tree’s book ‘Wilding’ at a local West Sussex Estate – an honest account of how she and her husband, along with Rewilding Britain chair, Charlie Burrell transformed the 3,500 acre estate into an influential example of the power of nature.

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