Alitex LED Grow Lights

Alitex's New LED Grow Lights

On a beautiful warm September evening, I was lucky enough to attend Alitex’s Annual Lecture, hosted this year by Ann-Marie Powell. Whilst at Alitex I had the chance to explore the show greenhouses, where I spotted some amazing LED growing lights...More >
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How to clean your greenhouse

How to clean your Alitex Greenhouse

You should be cleaning your greenhouse at least once a year to prepare it for the growing season. WHY? To remove algae, moss, bugs and possible disease To maintain a healthy growing environment To keep it looking its best WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO...More >
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A Seasonal Guide to Vegetable Greenhouse Growing

Winter (December, January, February) Although the colder months tend to be quieter in terms of sowing, there is still a range of greenhouse vegetables you can begin early - making use of your heated propagator and window sills. Celeriac, Celery and...More >
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Tasks and Tips for your greenhouse in November

Tasks and Tips for your greenhouse in November

There are lots of things you can do in your greenhouse during November to be well-prepared for next year's growing season. November is all about maintenance and cleaning... Temperature It's a good idea to try and maintain a minimum temperature of...More >
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Alitex Cleaning and Care

Looking after your Alitex greenhouse

The great thing about moving house is surely the joy of a new garden and the challenges which lay ahead. I speak to a number of Alitex clients who have been able to start afresh, employing new ideas and trying out experimental schemes and they are...More >
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