Greenhouse cleaning service

The most important greenhouse maintenance is keeping it clean and tidy.

Firstly, your greenhouse should be cleaned once a year to keep it in optimum growing condition.

We ask you to remove all the plants and pots to protect them from any cleaning chemicals and water damage.

What does the Alitex clean and care SERVICE entail?

We ask you to remove all the plants and pots to protect them from any cleaning chemicals and water damage.

What we use:

  • Hot jet wash (set  at 60°c)
  • Biodegradable lifting agent to loosen algae and dirt
  • Distilled water to rinse and reduce water marks
  • Disinfectant spray, we use diluted solutions of Jeyes fluid to spray underneath the benches and wash the floors

We are always testing new techniques and products to develop our service to ensure that your greenhouse gets the best clean and care.

What do we need from you?

  • Please ensure the greenhouse is clear before our arrival on site
  • Use of a 13 amp power socket
  • Cold water supply

The process:

  • We cover the trees and plants that can't be removed with plastic sheeting to protect them. We also bag up electrical components to protect them from water spray.
  • Starting with the outside we will spray it with a lifting agent that is then gently agitated with a soft brush. We use a hot jet wash, set at 60°c to blast off the soap and to get into the tiny places that algae and dirt collects.
  • If you have shade cloths on your greenhouse we will wash both sides of these with the jet wash.
  • We use distilled water as a final rinse to reduce water marks that are left on the outside of the glass.
  • When starting on the inside we will (if relevant) remove the grids on the heat ducts to hoover the duct out. The walls and windowsills will be hoovered to remove any cobwebs and debris.
  • We will then follow the same process as the outside to clean the interior of the structures.
  • After the inside has been rinsed we will wipe down the benching and spray the underside of benches and shelving with diluted Jeyes fluid.
  • We also do a thorough check of the doors, hinges, vents and lever arms ensuring that everything is in good working condition.

If you have any questions regarding the service, please call 01730 826900. You can also book your greenhouse in for a clean and care by emailing

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