Julie King Peonies and Posies greenhouse blog

April in the greenhouse | Peonies & Posies

Prompted by an article she wrote for The Simple Things magazine, Peonies & Posies blogger, Julie has started up her monthly review of what's growing in her greenhouse. "Standing inside my greenhouse on a very wet Saturday afternoon I raised my...More >
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Five ways to improve your soil

Five ways to improve your soil

Maintaining your garden is a year round job, as any gardener knows. With the changing of the seasons come new responsibilities. Spring is a time of year that "green fingers" love most, where they can finally start planning for the months in which...More >
Tags: Improving soil, testing soil, chalky soil, sandy soil, clay soil, problem soil, soil solutions, langlea garden design
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Frosty Torberry Farm

7 Walks into a Winter Wonderland

There's nothing like a cool winters day to blow away the cobwebs and escape the seasonal slump. Whether it's a frosty woodland walk, or a coastal stroll, pull on your wellies and grab your scarf - we're going for a walk! Pick from our favourite 7...More >
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