Wooden replication in Aluminium lean-to greenhouse

Aluminium Greenhouses versus Wooden Greenhouses

In recent years many notable organisations, including both English Heritage and the National Trust are approving aluminium as a material for glasshouse construction. Leading conservation bodies in the UK have contacted Alitex for solutions to...More >
Tags: aluminium vs wood, aluminium greenhouses, wooden greenhouses, benefits of aluminium
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Customer Greenhouse featuring RE-found objects

Rediscover Christmas with RE

What is re? In 2003 RE opened in a converted workshop, at the back of a filling station in Corbridge, a small market town in Northumberland. Our vision for RE was to create a unique retail environment in a large industrial space selling homewares -...More >
Tags: RE-found, Recycled, Christmas, Christmas decorations
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Our doors close with a reassuring clunk

Our doors close with a reassuring clunk

First impressions of an Alitex greenhouse are that it is made of solid wood. The satisfying 'clunk' as the door closes simply reinforces that belief. However, being made of aluminium means we can not only faithfully replicate traditional designs, we...More >
Tags: alitex greenhouses, Alitex door clunk, Alitex videos
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Alitex LED Grow Lights

Alitex's New LED Grow Lights

On a beautiful warm September evening, I was lucky enough to attend Alitex’s Annual Lecture, hosted this year by Ann-Marie Powell. Whilst at Alitex I had the chance to explore the show greenhouses, where I spotted some amazing LED growing lights...More >
Tags: chewton glen, LED Grow Lights, Growing Season
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West Dean Garden Greenhouses

West Dean Gardens Supervisor Sarah Wain shares top tips on greenhouse growing

West Dean Gardens has undergone a major transformation since 1987. Gardens manager Jim Buckland and Gardens Supervisor Sarah Wain have carried out a complete restoration and development of the gardens, bringing the historic temperament of the...More >
Tags: sarah wain, cold frames, Winter Growing, greenhouse gardening, Greeenhouse environments, west dean gardens
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The Walled Kitchen Garden Network

A Weekend with The Walled Kitchen Garden Network

This weekend our friends from the Walled Kitchen Garden Network are holding their annual Forum at Clandeboye Estate in Northern Ireland. The Forum is a weekend event, boasting specialist guest speakers, exclusive tours of Clandeboye Estate and Mount...More >
Tags: The Walled Kitchen Garden Network, Historic Greenhouses, greenhouse
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 A Border for all Seasons

A Border for all Seasons

Wherever gardeners look, the word 'seasonal' is bandied around and discussed in hallowed terms even has one has grown to expect courgettes in the supermarket in February and hyacinths on the flower stall at the station before Christmas. So perhaps...More >
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