bespoke greenhouse at RHS chelsea flower show 2024

Creating a Multi-Functional Greenhouse:

Chelsea Flower Show 2024 Greenhouse

17 June 2024 | Martha Hunter

Creating a Multi-Functional Greenhouse: We wanted to showcase how we create, design and manufacture our bespoke greenhouses to our customers specific needs at this years Chelsea Flower Show.

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Traditional Bespoke

Project Overview




9.5m x 3.5m


Wood sage

Our customer envisioned a greenhouse that served dual purposes: providing ample space for a full-length dining table while maintaining the traditional function of growing plants. To meet these needs, we designed a partitioned greenhouse with two distinct zones.

Creating two zones in one Greenhouse

To create a smaller, independently controlled area for seedlings, we installed a partition. This allowed the customer to set the perfect temperature for germination. In this dedicated growing zone, she chose wrap-around Benching and Strawberry Boards to maximise space. Additionally, a Professional Propagator ensured optimal germination, and a Reservoir with a pump provided easy access to rainwater.

Spacious dining and mature plant growing area

In the larger section of the greenhouse, the customer wanted space for both dining and growing. Along the back wall, a planter was installed for her more mature climbing plants. Upon entering through the double lobby, she opted for benching on the left side to display her favourite plants.

Enhanced Climate Control

The greenhouse features advanced electric roof vents, an upgrade from the standard Bayliss vents. These vents offer greater control over airflow and temperature. Combined with Harrier cedar shades, the system provides both an elegant finish and effective temperature regulation.

If you have a clear vision or need assistance in planning your ideal greenhouse, request a brochure or schedule a visit with one of our Sales Designers to get your project started.

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