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Arundel Castle

27 March 2019 | Daisy Faughnan

Arundel Castle is steeped in history, with impressive gardens set over 40 acres of land. The gardens are beautifully maintained by a team who have adopted an organic eco-friendly ethos to encourage wild flowers, beneficial insects and wildlife.

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Thomas Messenger

Project Overview


Thomas Messenger 3/4 Span lean-to


3.8m x 18.9m


Hipca White (RAL 9910)

The walled garden originally housed numerous greenhouses, one still stands today and is an original Victorian Vine House built in 1850 by Clarke and Hope. The other was a 20-year old wooden greenhouse (on the site of the original ‘Messenger’ Pineapple House) that had rotten beyond repair after its exposure to humidity and moisture. Arundel Castle knew that to replace the greenhouse the material would have to withstand constant heating of 65?c+, and have control in maintaining the growing environment.

Alitex replaced and replicated the ‘Messenger’ wooden glasshouse, keeping to the original footprint and allowing Arundel to keep the raised growing beds inside the glasshouse. The new glasshouse requires little maintenance and has provided the gardeners with an environment that is fully controllable due to the ventilation system and underfloor heating.

Arundel Castle are using the greenhouse to its full potential. The structure has two segments, one is used for propagation and is home to their chilli collection, hanging cucumbers, herbs, vegetables and medicinal plants. The other segment is filled with large exotic tropical plants including bananas, guavas, papayas, date palms and strelitzia (bird of paradise flower). Within the attached cold frames there’s a selection of culinary and medicinal herbs.

To visit Arundel Castle and explore their beautiful gardens, visit their website to find out about their opening details.

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“Some 18 years ago we got our greenhouse from Alitex, which is still going marvellously. It was on the basis of that whole experience that we used them to replace our failing timber conservatory. It is a delightful room, and the experience was again both friendly and professional.”

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