Freestanding Greenhouses

Freestanding Victorian greenhouse

For those with flexible garden landscapes that are not limited by space or other garden structures, a freestanding greenhouse allows for variation in orientation and position to suit your individual growing needs. 

Whether you opt for a bespoke greenhouse from our Traditional or Thomas Messenger range, you might want to consider the following: 

Greenhouse Roof Pitch Options

Typically, the roof pitch of a standard greenhouse is 45 degrees, this produces the classic lines you see on our Victorian structures, allowing for optimum ventilation and preventing leaks. Whilst 45 degrees is the general aperture you will see on our structures, we can alter roof pitches to achieve your ideal greenhouse. Book a visit to discuss your specific requirements with one of our sales designers.

Greenhouse Ventilation

Ventilation is an integral part to growing under glass and enables the environment to perform at the finest level, allowing your plants to thrive.

Our combination of roof and side vents creates a ‘chimney effect’ inside the structure encouraging air circulation throughout. The number of opening vents are taken into consideration during the design stage of the greenhouse and specified individually on each project to provide the best ventilation. On larger structures, vent depth can be increased accordingly and electric motors added for precision control. 

Building Works for your Greenhouse

The building works for your greenhouse are just as important as the aluminium structure itself. Our greenhouses sit on a double skin dwarf wall which sits on top of a strip foundation. Find out more about building works for your greenhouse project. 

Colour Consideration

Whether you want a structure that becomes a focal point of the garden or one that is incorporated into the surrounding landscape, the colour can make all the difference. Discover our standard range of colours

Browse some of our past freestanding greenhouse projects below.