Plant Supports

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*UK prices only. Prices include VAT at current rate.They exclude delivery and installation if ordered as stand alone item(s) and are not part of the greenhouse order. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time.

Fruit Supports and Vine Wires

Bespoke greenhouse fruit supports and vine wires offer structure and support to peaches, vines, melons, tomatoes and cucumbers, to name a few.

We will work with your growing needs and the areas where you want to train fruit. Combining rigid supports with tensioned wires to train plants up to the roof space, along the gable and along the length of your greenhouse. They are often set above a planter.

We keep minimum of 10 inches between the wires and the glazing to prevent the plants from making direct contact with the glass. The wires are secured with a tension bolt and supported by stainless steel frames or rods to secure their position and keep the wire structure taught and strong.