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National Trust

Our partnership with the National Trust began in 2004, when we received a really exciting phone call asking us if we would like to design a collection of greenhouses for the Trust.

We spent a painstaking year working closely with their team on all the finer details to create our unique collection that could grace a small urban garden as much as a large country estate, each representative of the heritage found within the beautiful places under the care of the National Trust.

National Trust greenhouse

Alitex and National Trust

The National Trust works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces- for ever, for everyone. This responsibility requires them to make long-term decisions that will conserve our heritage and protect it for future generations.

When looking for a greenhouse partner, the Trust looked no further than Alitex. For each greenhouse sold we generate valuable income which goes towards the wonderful restoration and conservation work undertaken by the National Trust.

National Trust greenhouse

National Trust Collection

Alitex has designed and built glasshouses for Grade I listed properties and English Heritage sites for over 70 years, therefore we instinctively understood what the National Trust wanted to achieve. A practical, accessible, low-maintenance greenhouse, with all the timeless aesthetic qualities of an original heritage structure – that will stand the test of time.

The National Trust Greenhouse Collection consists of eight greenhouses in a variety of sizes and design shapes that each cater to an array of horticultural needs.

Working with National Trust

Working with the National Trust is something that Alitex are incredibly proud of. The video below features Tom Hall, owner of Alitex Greenhouses, sharing insight into our relationship with the Trust. The video explores how the collection of greenhouses have been designed, the manufacturing process, and how we continue to strive to honour the integrity of the National Trust.