Manufacture and fabrication

In the early 1990s we realised that Alitex would have stricter quality control standards if all manufacturing and production was brought in-house.

Our onsite factory holds the key to our reliable and sustainable manufacturing capabilities. Continual and considerable investment in new machinery, staff and training has allowed us to meet increased demand in our products.

Precision work on extrusions

All our cutting machinery is CNC controlled and pre-programmed via CAD CAM ensuring precision. The Alitex factory machinery includes:

  • 4m and 6m axis saws with a tolerance of 0.2mm
  • Five Emmegi with three and four axis
  • Two Bridgeport machines – for heavy duty cutting
  • Coded MIG and TIG welders for aluminium up to 16mm thick
  • The grinding/finishing remain a manual process to ensure optimum finish
  • Pre-treatment and paint

The longevity of our paint finish is one of the many key benefits of an Alitex structure and our in-house paint capabilities maintain our stringent quality control. Prior to paint, all our aluminium extrusions go through a three stage pre-treatment process:

  • Stage 1: A tank with a Phos-Pre 9ss Alkaline Chemical solution
  • Stage 2: A de-ionised rinse
  • Stage 3: A solution of PP920 polymer based primer providing an etch which is set in our 6m oven well

Experience has shown an automated paint process to be unreliable. To ensure the high quality of finish, it is necessary for Alitex to manually spray in-house. Our electro charged guns have pre-programmed settings suited to the paint and finish required. The normal coating is 60-80 microns. This is adapted for the environment; for example in marine control areas this needs to be increased to 140 microns. This is a highly skilled job and a GEMA training programme lasting six months is part of the training process. 

The provision of painted samples to illustrate actual colour, colour matching capabilities and the high quality of the paint can be provided.

Quality control

  • Alitex-trial-assembly-of-large-specialist-overseas-project
    We enforce the very best quality control through key check points throughout our manufacturing process, providing the confidence to issue a lifetime structural guarantee with all our structures
  • All components of manufacture are checked against the drawing office technical specifications throughout the process
  • Approximately 80% of our structures are assembled on-site prior to painting, identifying any unlikely anomalies and rectifying them before going to site
  • All jobs are scratched and acid tested at key stages of the paint process
  • New paint suppliers, colours and finishes are weather tested for direct sunlight fading 
  • Each element is manually checked before being either pre-assembled or packaged for dispatch 
  • Cromodex undertake quarterly tests and updates – checking our air flow and curing efficiencies
  • All our machinery is serviced bi-annually
  • Continual training and development of our highly skilled manufacturing team