Design Services

Design Aspects and Services

At Alitex, we create beautiful structures using aluminium; a strong and durable material that offers flexibility in providing design solutions. 
By nature, aluminium is incredibly light yet it has a high strength to weight ratio. This allows us to use more glass and utilise the most of the natural light available to the greenhouse, whilst maintaining the traditional Victorian timber aesthetic. You may have noticed manufacturers of wooden greenhouses are increasingly using aluminium to support their structures, which is a testament to the superiority of aluminium

The Design Process

We have an in-house team of highly skilled Design Engineers who have experience working across private and public sites. We use the latest 3D computer-aided software to design your glasshouse to prior to manufacture – we’ve outlined the process of how we bring your structure to life below.
At the beginning, we will chat through what you are looking for, share some examples of previous projects and gain an understanding of your style and design preferences. This allows us to come up with some initial costs so we can align your dream structure with your budget.
  • We will visit you at home or the site where you want the structure to be situated.
  • We discuss how you want to use the space and your preferences on the style and type of structure. We can then identify whether you are looking for a traditional or more contemporary greenhouse, whether that’s a bespoke structure or one from our National Trust Collection
  • You can browse our range of colours and we will leave you with a selection of powder-coated aluminium swatches so you can spend time making your decision.
  • During our visit, we will measure and photograph the space, carrying out a survey on the site. This will allow us to put together some initial design concepts and rough sketches. 
  • We will then send you the sketches with a proposal for your greenhouse.
  • Once you have placed your order and paid your deposit, we will send your design to manufacturing – this will be drawn using CAD* to identify the components of your structure.
  • We produce a ground plan which is sent to you and your builder so the ground works can start, getting everything ready for the installation of the structure.
*Computer-aided design – we also use computer-aided analysis tools to identify local environment conditions. This means that your glasshouse is designed in accordance with British materials standards, relevant wind and snow loading regulations, and engineered to minimise heat loss.

Design & Engineering Service

Only once the order is placed, will we do a more in depth survey, which involves our Design Engineer producing a ground plan. If you are an architect on behalf of a client, or you wish to review the ground plans up front for building work purposes, we can put together a quote for carrying out the design and engineering service separately from the order. 
These are the formats and systems we use to produce your greenhouse 
  • Standard drawings in 2D supplied in the industry standard dwg. format
  • For larger scale projects, 3D images can be provided in a variety of formats
  • 3D software capabilities allowing virtual testing of an idea or a virtual construction
  • Proposed models can be shown in through-sections of a building for an accurate visualisation of the final structure
  • Our combined software suite enables savings and efficiencies during the design and manufacture process
  • Alitex utilise the following software: AutoCad, SolidWorks, DriveWorks, Cosmos FEA and Master Series FEA, among others.