The William Wates Memorial Trust – why we support the cause

Tour de Force

In light of the Panorama programme last night, talking about where the money goes in charities, the Alitex team were lucky to have Rick Wates here at Torberry yesterday to talk to us about this charity (William Wates Memorial Trust) which is tied up with the Tour de Force.

The charity is uniquely involved with the biking challenge which the Alitex cycling team is undertaking two stages of, in summer 2014. Aside from the reassurance from Rick that the cycling challenge is every bit as hard as imagined and therefore very rewarding once completed (!) it was good to hear a personal testimony from a director/trustee of the charity.

The Alitex team were impressed by the very personal message Rick conveyed in explaining the purpose of the charity and the deep seated commitment the family have in  ensuring every penny is spent wisely. The family review each application for funds rigorously, ensuring that each request is taken on its own merit, making sure the money raised actually gets to where and whom it is intended for – children outside of society’s other safety nets. 

Rick brought the charity alive – making it personal and reassuring everyone that every penny we raise will be spent with the Wate family keeping an eye on how it is spent. 

Just the boost the team needs going into the new year - thanks for coming Rick.

For more information about the Trust and their work please click here.

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