Why Endorse Alitex? Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew explain

Alitex Partnership with Kew

Winning the endorsement from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew has been an enormous boost for Alitex.

In a sense, we knew we had a good product, our customers love their greenhouses and we get a lot of admiring comments; particularly from the gardeners (both amateur and professional) who favour the classic Victorian wood look greenhouse, but don’t want the upkeep. The Kew endorsement confirms both to us and the wider world that we are getting things right here – but what do Kew say about why they chose Alitex?

Greg Redwood, Head of Great Glass Houses:

“I’ve been talking about Alitex for years, both to professional and amateur gardeners and also to my students – the head gardeners of tomorrow. With my students we have toured some of the awe inspiring estates in the UK which have Alitex greenhouses and we have collectively been impressed with what we have seen. As a horticultural team here at Kew we look forward to working with Alitex in product testing and development and with a shared sense of culture, environmental ethics and production methods and values it is an exciting future. We will collectively be looking at how to create the perfect greenhouse growing environment, which is clearly beneficial for both Kew and Alitex. I am confident giving both a professional recommendation (in my position at Kew) of the Alitex products and a personal recommendation. Not withstanding the current endorsement I have been recommending Alitex for years.”

Jonathan Marks, Head of Commercial Activities:

“Finding the right partners who fit with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is vital. We have to find partners that the whole Kew team buys into – it goes so much further than a label on a product. There has to be a communication of shared core values which goes beyond the Garden’s walls.”

Professor Monique Simmonds, Director, Kew Innovation Unit:

“Historically Kew has always had a worldwide agenda, conserving species and bio-diversity and developing the science of horticulture. There has been an increased interest in the expertise at Kew and working with our trade partners we would like to learn about different communication opportunities which are a result of mutual ideas.”

Tim Entwhistle, Director of Conservation, Living Collections and Estates:

“Kew provides an insurance policy for the world’s plants; we already store 10% of the world’s seeds and aim to have 25% by 2020. We have a strong science message and a resource which includes an art collection, beautiful buildings and knowledgeable staff. We want to work with people who appreciate that and value and recognise it.”

Fellow licensees were on hand to explain their experience of working with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and from all accounts we have a great deal to look forward to and a wealth of horticultural experience to tap into. By forging this working relationship we can anticipate a dynamic communication which will feed into the Alitex products and culture.

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