When a plan comes together: The atrium at Torberry

Alitex Atrium

Just in case you'd wandered past our head quarters at Torberry at the base of the South Downs, and seen a construction going on at the front of our offices, it is perhaps timely to share our excitement at the atrium which is being built.

We plan to open the new space officially on September 8th at our open day 10am-2pm.

Today has been a big day as the lead cladding goes down, protecting the timber structure from the elements. We can look forward to an atrium being sited overhead, in aluminium and glass of course and the three large windows being finished very soon. When building work starts there always seem to be days when enormous leaps are made in what you are seeing, followed by a number of days when nothing seems to be happening even though there are ten men on site. With the lead cladding down we can look forward to swift progress and a light filled room.

The reason we took the decision to invest in this particular structure was to showcase the wide range of glass and aluminium structures available through Alitex. For nearly sixty years we have been selling quality glass and aluminium greenhouses, both nationally and internationally. In the past six / seven years we have been quietly growing our conservatories, orangeries and atrium section of the company, responding in part to customer demand. Most of our conservatory customers already had an Alitex greenhouse which I hope tells you something of the confidence put in Alitex.

Since Spring we have seen a real surge in customers who want to touch and feel the product and get an idea of how their own dream projects will come to light and we hope we have accommodated that wish with this investment. We still have our large conservatory to the rear of the HQ which many of you will be familiar with, so by September we will have further examples of how you could bring light into your own home.

If you would like to reserve a place at our September Open Day, please do call us on 01730 826900 or enquiries@alitex.co.uk

For more information about our glass and aluminium products which include conservatories click here

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