What does Autumn mean to us?

Autumn leaves

One of the wonderful things about living in Britain, is enjoying the seasons; imagine not being able to appreciate the sea of yellow daffodils in spring, or going the whole year without digging out your wooly hat and building a snowman.

Autumn is no different, in fact here at Alitex, it is our favourite time of year. The evenings may be drawing in, but the festivities are on their way and there are oh so many reasons to get cosy. Here are our favourite things about Autumn...

“Shiny conkers, fires, the colour of autumn trees, embracing the shortening days – ignoring Halloween and planning for Christmas!” 

Nelly – Brand Manager

“Children collecting conkers, chilly evenings and drawing the curtains. Fungi appearing in the woods.” 

Carol – Front Office

“Spiced pumpkin latte at Starbucks!” 

Emma – Marketing Manager

“I love the colours of autumn leaves as they remind me of my wedding which was in September with browns, oranges and golds. My favourites are pumpkins which we had as centre pieces and sunflowers that were in all the bouquets.” 

Jess – Project Manager

“Getting cosy – pyjamas, stew and lots of red wine!” 

Kizzie – Front Office

“Crisp cold mornings and stunning sun rises (especially if out on the bike at 6!)” 

Dave – Production Manager

“Autumn means crispy walks in the woods with the smell of wood smoke and the anticipation that Christmas is just around the corner!” 

Lucy – Marketing Executive

“Halloween parties and watching the fireworks on bonfire night. ” 

Sam – Digital Marketing Executive

“Autumn is the smell of leaves - piles and piles of colourful leaves in the backyard, making a mad dash, and diving into them- big fun back home in America!” 

Brenda – Project Manager

“The shades of colour that the leaves produce – the misty mornings, wandering out to the 25 sheep in the nearby field and feeding them carrots.” 

Chris – Sales Director

“Amazing photo opportunities and misty mornings- also bonfire night (my birthday!)” 

Mark - Designer

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