What challenges an English Gardener?


My name is Birgit Bayer, I'm a Garden Designer with all of my heart and soul. I trained in the UK and fell in love with the country whilst I lived there. Unfortunately, I have moved back to Germany for family reasons but have chosen this opportunity to create beautiful gardens over here, inspired by my valuable English training and experience.

I have so much fun, yet equally find it a challenge to motivate Germans to get more involved in gardening. We Germans are very practical and technical thinking... "Vorsprung durch Technik", says it all. Gardens with flowers? You mean to tell me a garden could be more than green? To be fair to them, not all of us Germans are like this and that's why there is thankfully plenty of space for improvement.

Some of my clients behave funny when it comes to creating a garden by themselves and this is what inspires my German blogs for Alitex Germany.

Alitex at Hampton Court

I recently visited Hampton Court Flower Show in England and visited the beautiful Alitex stand. Not only are the flower shows inspiring but England contains some of the most incredible gardens, the most passionate gardeners and the elite Garden Designers. This got me thinking, 'What would be new or challenging for an English gardener?'

We all sit here on the same planet, whether we have nice gardens, small gardens or ones that are waiting to be inspired, we all share the same conflict in fighting against 'Slugs & Co' or other plant diseases. I've noticed that both Germany and England take a different approach, while some use chemicals to get the upper hand, there are others that try a new way, not so well known yet but still successful, the treatment with homeopathic "medicine" for plants.

When I tried to find a niche to write about for the UK, I thought that the topic of how people could treat their disease infected plants better with homeopathic remedies would be something interesting and new. Actually, this is an old English knowledge that got lost...

Interested in saving your beloved plants without harming nature and yourself? Bring back the homeopathic remedies and let's make a difference to see what we can do naturally to for our veggies not to be eaten up by slugs or mildew on our lovely roses.

See you soon and blooming greeting!

Birgit Bayer

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