That was the week that was...Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Alitex at Chelsea Flower Show

Our gnomes went global and the celebrations for both Chelsea’s centenary and Alitex’s 60th birthday year rolled out through the week on MA10. Members of the Alitex team who have been at Chelsea for over twenty years of the fifty which Alitex have exhibited for, claimed Friday to have been the coldest ever!

The Trailfinders Australian garden with Flemings took a first for the Aussies with best in show. We had a laugh with their team during the build up, which can be a challenge, but this year passed trouble free and on schedule.

We met friends old and new, from all over the world including Taiwan, Russia, Europe and Australia. The Alitex team agree that we have never seen so many Scandinavian visitors – thank goodness for their impeccable English language skills. We were joined by our Scandinavian trading partners for most of the week, Lars and Lars, who were on hand to answer logistical questions.

The most popular plant was located just in front of the National Trust greenhouse; Veronica (gent. Tissington White), which actually has a slightly blue tinge to it and set off the other plantings which had been so cleverly devised by Taylor Tripp. So many of our visitors commented on the wonderful work completed by the Thrive gardeners, I wish they could have heard it.

Dominic from Metallurgi cut a dash with his tie which matched the beautiful woven fencing - we enjoyed having such a practical piece of sculpture on the stand this year and Dominic’s open pleasure in meeting like-minded people was infectious.

Alitex was represented daily with different team members from right across the company which allows us to get out and meet the people who own our greenhouses or simply admire them. It is honestly a really fulfilling experience to chat to people who appreciate finely engineered greenhouses! We also enjoyed sharing “growing in greenhouse”, tips with keen gardeners – you can never stop learning!

All in all a satisfying week which displayed our greenhouses to their best advantage, providing opportunities for Chelsea visitors to see us at our best. Taking the stand apart and selling the plants off on Saturday is always fun tinged with a bit of deflation, naturally, but it also allows the team to finally sit down and put their feet up before the real work begins this week. If you missed us come along to our open day on Saturday 29th June (here at Torberry, Petersfield) where our show structures are on display along with a conservatory and atrium.

(Ulf Nordjfell's rose arch and wall trellis can be found on his website)

Thanks for coming along to see us at the show - if we can be of any more help contact us.

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