Visit the National Trust Garden Collection at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Alitex National Trust Collection

The National Trust Garden Collection showcases some of the finest products for your garden and has been inspired by the places which are nurtured and under the wing of The National Trust.

At Hampton Court on 3 – 8th July this year, all the partners products will be celebrated and you will have the opportunity to see the Alitex popular Hidcote exhibited in Woodsage.

The reason the Hidcote has such wide appeal is that it allows the functionality of a larger greenhouse but in an aesthetic format suitable for smaller gardens. The colour range, inspired by the National Trust allows the gardener to personalise their beautiful addition to their garden, matching it to the landscape and house.

The items in the Garden Collection are produced by partners specially chosen by the National Trust, with strong British heritage and you could not get more British than Alitex! With a factory based in Hampshire, skills and resources sourced from within the UK and a thorough belief in investing in things we (as a nation) can do well, “British-ness”, is synonymous with Alitex. Even The Telegraph newspaper recently featured Alitex during the Chelsea Flower Show week as being identifiable as British. There is something quintessentially British about the National Trust Collection, a celebration of the things which interest so many on these fair isles and which we do well.

Many of the companies involved with the collection still use traditional methods to craft their products and all contributors to the range support the National Trusts’ values ensuring that their primary products are sourced from reputable, certified sustainable sources.

Come along and visit us at Hampton Court Flower Show 3rd-8th July. Click here for more details.

Our image illustrates the Hidcote greenhouse in Woodsage.

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