A visit to Majestic Trees and their impressive nursery

Trees at Majestic

Earlier this month we visited Managing Director Steve McCurdy at Majestic Trees to explore their impressive 20-acre nursery. The nursery accommodates 450 different varieties and 7,000 specimens ranging from 2 metres to 13 metres tall. All of the trees are hand selected during Steve's trips to European nursery fields. He examines their stock looking for the highest quality specimens.

We were whizzed around the nursery on one of their golf buggies (very efficient if you forgot your wellies). We observed the lifting of a large tree being packaged into its container ready for transport, the process involves several team members and careful consideration to ensure the tree does not obtain any damage. We passed hundreds of different tree varieties including fruit, nut and subtropical trees, all suitably located within the nursery. Visitors are also taken on a tour of the nursery so they can explore the trees and find the right ones for their project.

The nursery has become well established over the years, winning various prestigious awards since 2008 including the 'Silver Rose' at the International Grower of the Year competition in China, 2011 and again in Germany, 2016. The awards are presented for their beautifully maintained trees, their business innovations and their dedication within the industry.

The nursery is restocked during winter time when the trees are in 'winter dormancy' mode so that their development and growth is not disturbed. The trees get planted into air pots between November and April, ensuring the nursery is ready for spring. Throughout the tree's life at Majestic, it will regularly be re-potted, pruned and re-spaced to accommodate for its growth before being planted into its new owner's home.

We're looking forward to working with Majestic Trees in the future. You can find more details about their nursery here, or you can stop by and visit them anytime Monday - Friday 8.30 - 5pm and 10am - 4pm on Saturdays.

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