A very merry Christmas from the Alitex team

Christmas in our conservatory at Alitex office

Post-office party (as opposed to a Post Office Party) and clutching the gifts of secret Santa closely to our Christmas jumpered chests it is time to share some Christmas joy...

There has been an inventive take on wreath making in the office with Jo (“The best thing to happen to us in 2013” – say the Marketing Department at Alitex) keeping her fingers crossed that it won’t be lifted from her door by over envious by-passers. 

Other examples of bringing the outdoors in include an idea taken from RHS Wisley, lining the edge of pathways with Cornus alba “Siberica” which not only jazz up an otherwise bland border but will provide support when the bulbs start coming through in spring. 

I like the idea of this tree from Nelly - created from branches and decorated with lights – would be a good option for those going away over Christmas who don’t want the tree but want the “spirit”. 

This ceiling shot inside a conservatory served to “Christmas up” the home at the very beginning of December and looks especially twinkly at night with the glass reflecting the lights back. 

“Over Christmas I’ll be looking forward to peace and tranquillity. It’s a thoughtful time for me with time and space to think about any old thing more thoroughly- especially plans for the gardens at West Dean in 2014. It’s also an excellent time to gather with friends for simple fare and lots of laughs and hopefully ward off another tummy tyre by walking each day. Cold and frosty would be my kind of weather for Christmas with the sun shining.” Sarah Wain – West Dean Gardens Supervisor and a regular Guest Blogger for Alitex this year.

Andy Lewis the head gardener from the National Trust’s (NT’s) Uppark is mainly looking forward to tumbling around with his relatives over the Christmas break – his nieces are 5 and 3 years old so there’s no reason to worry. Paul Gallivan, head gardener at Woolbeding is simply looking forward to getting up to Yorkshire and seeing family. (Although I’m sure he will miss the new Alitex greenhouse at Woolbeding, of which more in the new year.) 

I’m looking forward to going for huge hikes on the South Downs with/without my family and trying to exercise off some of the inevitable flab that will accumulate from sitting around watching “White Christmas”, whilst eating turkey and stuffing sandwiches and drinking claggy drinks (advocat). 

Laura is looking forward to her annual goose and Boxing Day, Chris Sawyer is looking forward to “a rest”. Nelly is looking forward to the slower starts which include less shrieking and just spending more time with the children – and red wine of course. Mike is looking forward to packing for Australia - where he sold the first Alitex greenhouse this year. Jo is looking forward to watching loads of TV and not getting up off the sofa. Lazy days.

Jess can't wait to board the disco train to get on the snow and snow board her socks off. 

Gary in Production is looking forward to “doing absolutely nothing with his family”. The joy of an open diary I can truly relate to. 

The year, (as ever, and without wanting to talk in clichés yet inevitably doing so) has whizzed by. It seems as though the heat of summer was last month – that the joy of home grown tomatoes was yesterday. We approach Christmas and the New Year with optimism for the future, but thankful for the opportunity to put our feet up over the Christmas break. 

Marina Christopher from Phoenix Perennials (another of our regular contributors this year) will share her Christmas activities in next week's blog. 

A very merry Christmas to you all. Follow our Christmas on Twitter @Alitex

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