Trends in the UK Conservatory Market 2012 - 2013

Alitex Conservatory

The conservatory has been around for some time, but it was the Victorians who popularised the idea, with their desire for display – a result of collecting from far flung places.

Over the years we have seen conservatory design develop and the health benefits be more widely realised, to such an extent that the addition of a conservatory can improve the value of your home. Glass not bricks, light not darkness are hugely appreciated in the British housing market.

At Alitex we have noted two discernible trends in the conservatory industry; considered and innovative design / architecture being one and the notion that we should be encouraging more light into the home being the other.

Considered and innovative design

Thankfully we have moved on from the decades of bolt on boxes – the idea that you can knock a wall down and shove on a conservatory without thinking about the shape of the house and the context in which it will sit. Nowadays we are more likely to see conservatories being regarded as a way of extending the home which is not only a functional living space but also complements the overall look of the house. This is backed up with changes to legislature and also the simple fact that by getting your conservatory design right you can add value to your property – it makes it more desirable.

The materials of glass and aluminium provide us with lots of scope for manipulation – we can create various components such as roof lanterns, bi-fold doors (stack and fold), canopies and glass curtains to extend living space in a contemporary or traditional style.

Living under the glass ceiling

Current manufacturing techniques and materials provide people with more opportunities to bring light into the home and fulfil  modern desires for open, light spaces. Gone are the small, dark spaces of the early 1900’s builds and instead people are knocking through walls and replacing external walls with glass. This trend is borne of scientific study – research has shown that we are much more productive and energetic with natural rather than artificial light.

Whilst no-one will contest the fact that natural light makes us feel good, it is modern thinking and construction methods which allow those benefits to become a reality within the home, in the form of roof lanterns, orangeries, glazed atriums and extensions and of course, the conservatory.

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