Refurbish Your Alitex

Refurbish, customise, update or re-glaze your Alitex.

As your gardening experience grows, you may need to retrospectively fit accessories from our range to get the most out of your greenhouse.

Update Your Greenhouse

People often say you should live in something before you really know how you are going to use it and we believe that to be true of an Alitex greenhouse.

You may find that after a season of growing, a few new accessories are needed to help you achieve your full growing potential. It is never too late to make internal amendments, whether it's adding extra benching, strawberry boards and coldframes to maximise growing potential or shading, lighting and heating to help you through the seasons, our accessories page has a wide range of additional greenhouse fittings.

Customise Your Greenhouse

As your gardening experience grows, you may find that you need something a little different to the accessories we can offer. Do not be dis-heartened, our team are fully equipped to help you bring your ideas to life. Some recent bespoke projects have been as simple as screens for doorways to keep pesky insects out, unique gantries for a specialist grower and a telescopic mini greenhouse on wheels!

In other cases, we have worked to very specific requirements, so please get in touch if you have a bespoke idea that would like us to engineer for your greenhouse.

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with the design engineers at Alitex to realise my ideas. As an engineer myself I felt we were speaking the same language and I found the Alitex engineers receptive to innovation, going on to improve upon the idea. I have been delighted with what we have achieved."

Mr D Caster

Update Your Old Alitex

We hope that your greenhouse requires minimal servicing, but as with many things, the parts that get most used may need replacing at some point. We stock a full range of spare parts which we can provide instructions for you to fit yourself.

  • The plastic capping we used many years ago has now been replaced completely with aluminium, which we can happily update by retrofitting to your greenhouse
  • If your original Alitex greenhouse did not have cresting, we can pay you a visit to take a look at updating it - a classic feature on Victorian greenhouses
  • We have also evolved our doors so that they are entirely made from aluminium and have long since dispensed with fibreglass doors
  • Other frequently requested items include bayliss pistons, reservoir pumps and glazing clips

Please feel free to get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

Re-glaze Your Old Alitex

For our greenhouses built before 1996, we changed from putty to foam inseal. Putty eventually dries and cracks which causes leakes, whereas foam inseal does not.

A re-glaze entails thoroughly cleaning out the old putty before refitting your existing glass using the improved system. At this point it is also a good opportunity to upgrade to toughened glass if you choose.

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