Tasks and Tips for your greenhouse in November

Tasks and Tips for your greenhouse in November

There are lots of things you can do in your greenhouse during November to be well-prepared for next year's growing season. November is all about maintenance and cleaning...


It's a good idea to try and maintain a minimum temperature of between 5-7 degrees Centigrade in the greenhouse to protect plants from frost damage. In a cold house it will be necessary to cover tender plants with matting or newspaper at night if a frost is expected.


Opening a ventilator is a good idea on dry and sunny days, preferably away from the wind, but always close it mid-afternoon so the sun’s heat will be conserved before night falls. Keep ventilators closed on damp or foggy days.


It is best to keep the air on the dry side. Avoiding splashing the floor, staging or leaves when watering will help with this. Pots should be watered sparingly except for flowering plants.

Plant care

Space out pots to ensure maximum illumination and inspect the plants regularly. Dead-head flowers and remove yellowing or diseased leaves. Spray if grey mould or white fly has become a problem.

Clean up

This is a good time for the annual clean-up. Choose a bright and dry day and allow a day. Place pots in a safe place in the garden – move tender plants indoors. Clear rubbish from inside the house and scrub the staging and shelves with a garden disinfectant. Clean the frame and glass thoroughly, both inside and out. Don't forget to bring the plants back into the greenhouse! Sarah Wain of West Dean Gardens has lots of top tips on cleaning your greenhouse.

Clean-up time is an ideal opportunity for carrying out minor repairs or seeing if you would like to make any additions to your fixtures, fittings or accessories for next year’s season. If the task is too big or time is too limited, you can give us a call and book a Clean and Care and let us take care of the clean up for you.

For more information or to book a visit call us on 01730 826900 or enquiries@alitex.co.uk

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