"A sweet shop overflowing with colour"

Alitex at Wisley

In case those words seem familiar, Colin Crosby plant curator at RHS Wisley used them on the BBC’s Gardener’s World at the weekend to describe the resplendent Alpine House at Wisley. Monty Don was investigating growing alpine plants and learning some tips from the experts - the flowers and colour looked particularly fine on the grey April day.

The Alitex Alpine House “has the best colour at Wisley”, at this time of year agreed Monty and Colin and it is something which can be replicated in a tub or on a smaller scale in your own greenhouse, or at the base of a sunny outside wall. Of particular interest was the way in which the plants are displayed – terracotta pots sunk into sand. The sand keeps the roots cool in summer but leaches the water out of the pots during winter. Tiles and stones can be added for architecture in amongst the alpine flowers, offsetting the shape and structure of the plant.

It’s amazing what you can pick up from Gardener’s World – how to grow alpines, what’s on offer at RHS Wisley at the moment, and nicely for us here at Alitex, how our greenhouse is doing sheltering the alpines from the cold!

For RHS Wisley click here.

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