Summertime Investment at Torberry

Alitex Show Site

Looking around at Torberry during Olympic week and trying to work out where I can start my training for Olympics 2016, it occurs to me how many “improvement”, projects have been undertaken here at Alitex which are really altering the scenery and reflecting investment back into the company.

On entering Torberry Farm I immediately spot the newly planted fruit trees, a collection of both traditional apples and pears which frame the larger car park that was created during the cold wet months earlier this year. 

Looking towards the main building it is currently a building site at the front as plans are in progress to add an atrium. The old porch area has been ripped off and a beautiful aluminium and glass structure will demonstrate Alitex’s ability to bring light into a building through judicious use of glass. The aim has always been at Alitex to be functional as well as aesthetic and we extend this discipline across all our products. Do come along and see how we got on at our Open Day on September 8th. For more details click here.

The now lush lawned areas have recently been host to our large scale greenhouse before its journey State-side and the herbed banks are in full bloom, providing plenty of food for our new bees which have a new hive here. The bees also love our allotments which now look fabulous with all the Westminster Stone paving and Woodblocx which we have been able to re-use post Chelsea this year.

The gardeners here are delighted with the new look and the new potting shed which frames the work area. The mono-pitch which returned from Chelsea is full of peppers and tomatoes and sits alongside the conservatory in which the most amazing flowers are in full bloom. They remind me of the South African veldt with fabulous colours and structure.

Solar panels have been installed on the factory roof – right the way across, generating enough electricity to generate 25% of the annual energy used here. As part of the environmental team’s remit, small and sometimes overlooked changes and improvements can lead to substantial savings both financially and for the environment; not all changes have to be big ones. More of progress on this front in a later blog.

It is important to all of us at Alitex that when you come and look around Torberry that we are always in a position for you to see us at our best; please bear with us whilst we complete this newest investment project.


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