Success at the Alitex Annual Lecture with Mark Diacono

Mark Diacono - Alitex lecture

Mark Diacono is the talk of the town after his lecture at Alitex HQ on Thursday last week. His homegrown cocktails went down a treat and the tongue tingling Szechuan peppercorn tasters had everyone buzzing.

Mark's talk glanced over his life from a somewhat idle teenager with distant ambitions to his purchase of 17 acres that became Otter Farm. It started with a growers wish list and Jane Gigson's fruit book. The reality spreads across 17 acres of perennial garden, vegetable patches, polytunnels, forest garden and a vineyard plus more acres from orchards to forage worthy hedges. "The idea is beautifully sustainable as they take advantage of climate change to grow delicious food usually sourced from overseas."

If you would like to experience more of Mark's talk, you can read his three recent guest blog posts from Four Garden Cocktails and Four Garden Recipes to Five Herbs from the New Kitchen Garden.

Along with the range of produce grown at Otter Farm, you can join Mark and his team for courses, open days, feasts and workshops. If you have a group of friends or fancy a company day out, you can create your own inspiring tailor made experience at Otter Farm. The list is endless when it comes to Otter Farm, buy their plants and seeds online here, or books and produce from the experts here. For a little more insight into Otter Farm visit their website or purchase Mark's latest book - 'The New Kitchen Garden'.

Our annual lecture and dinner is always very popular and this year was no exception. A big thank you to all of our local suppliers for encouraging the event to run smoothly;

...and a big thank you to Mark for providing an entertaining and enjoyable evening.

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