Stourhead Revisited

Stourhead landscape

For Alitex’s Jane Tocher who is often up and down the whole of the British Isles (and finds places I didn’t even know existed), the National Trust’s Stourhead is her very favourite place – a garden full of childhood memories and nostalgia.

Our recent event there was the perfect opportunity for Jane to reacquaint herself with the property and along with our other guests, she enjoyed it immensely. 

“We were given a great tour of the gardens by Graham and Penny Snowden with a talk perfectly targeted at the experienced gardeners which made up the group”, said Jane. One of the most fascinating topics discussed was the decision making process which goes into every part of the garden. For instance, when storms blow over trees, the Head Gardener, Alan Power doesn’t immediately rush to replace it but takes a long time to reflect on what the tree might be replaced with and why – what effect is being aimed for.

The pelargonium collection is very well known and is sited in the Alitex greenhouse and the larger one next to it. A demonstration by Penny Beck of how to take cuttings ensured we are well equipped to look after our own pelargoniums – including the one we were gifted with. Thanks to all at Stourhead for making the day such fun – our guests very much enjoyed it.

For more detail of Stourhead click here.

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