The Story of the First Ickworth

The National Trust Ickworth Greenhouse

After launching the final and largest addition to our National Trust Greenhouse Collection at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the first Ickworth greenhouse has been built in the heart of Suffolk. It is powder-coated in Greensand and accessorized with benching, shelving, lights, shades, the Hewitt potting shoe and a professional propagator.

Lantern in the Ickworth
Our customer first met with a member of our sales team to discuss the Tatton greenhouse. After further discussion he decided on the Wimpole, feeling its size would fill the garden space nicely. Our customer felt satisfied with his decision until he chose to visit us at Chelsea. That was when he saw the Ickworth and fell in love with its impressive double lobbies and cruciform structure. Our client knew that this was the greenhouse for him, with one door that would lead from the walled garden and the other would lead through the woodland to the summer house by the river.

We made changes to the plans and quickly got onto the production process. The final deadline was to ensure we had it built before his birthday. Our team worked hard and the structure was finished at the end of July, a week before the deadline.

The garden of the first Ickworth

The garden is full of beautiful blossoms and interconnecting paths that lead to the greenhouse, the Ickworth is nestled towards the back of the garden yet in the perfect spot for sunlight and warmth. Our customer is starting to work on the interior and surroundings, it is fully kitted out with seating in the large central section and speakers hidden under the benching, making it the perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying nature.

At Alitex we like to make sure you have the right structure for your needs and for your garden. Like our Suffolk based client we're happy to alter designs and change anything you're unsure of up until the final moments before production. If you have a space and you're not sure where to start, give us a call on 01730 826900 to talk to one of our sales designers or request a brochure and start by browsing our extensive range, we'll definitely be able to accommodate your needs.

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