Spring Open Day 24th March: Guest Speakers & Exhibitors

Alitex Open Day

Our Spring Open Day on Saturday 24th March is really starting to come together. From 10am until 3pm we will have lectures hosted by Sarah Wain from West Dean and John Wood from Hinton Ampner.

Sarah has already written a wonderfully lively blog for us detailing her life at West Dean and I'm sure her lecture will be given in the same spirit. I've been to West Dean frequently over the last twenty years and to most of their festivals which I always enjoy. I'm hoping to find out from Sarah the inspiration behind the wonderful pink silk coated tree limbs which I was fascinated by at Apple Day 2012.

John Wood from Hinton Ampner promises to be a horticultural ray of sunshine with tips for growing new and exciting plants from seed, and how to get much better results.

One of my favourite flowers is the Dahlia, I love its' robustness and its' striking colour in the flower bed and John is going to teach us how to get more from these "favourites", including the Iris. Using knowledge gained from HInton Ampner and elsewhere, John will explain the process of "vegetative propagation", and how we can produce more plants by looking at timing, growing mediums and general care.

Wild Wood Coppice run by Alan and Jo Waters promises to be interesting and informative. They are starting to run training courses, so if you are keen to learn you should come along and have a chat with them on the day. Alan and Jo are one of the UK's leading small charcoal producers and work out of West Dean Estate, Chichester using traditional coppicing and charcoal making skills.

We will also have a plant sale hosted by Marina Christopher from Phoenix Perennials. Marina will come with a fantastic array of plants which attract wildlife into the garden.

The day takes place at our show site Torberry Farm, South Harting.


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