A special event at The Pig, Brockenhurst with chef James Golding

James Golding at The Pig, Brockenhurst

Jo Phillips has been with us since August 2013 (working on the front desk) and it is great to get her fresh feedback from an event which we all really love being involved with.

“I had heard a lot about The Pig and so it was great for me to be involved not just in the planning of this event, but attending it as well and I can certainly see why everyone raves about it! I particularly loved the relaxed and informal feel to the place, coupled with excellent service – the waiters bringing our refreshments couldn’t have been more helpful.

We had a nice size group of visitors, which meant that we could all hear and follow Chef James Golding around and see for ourselves how they make their menu work. Our guests included customers of Alitex – past, present and hopefully future, and it was lovely to chat to people who I normally speak to on the telephone.

Lovely weather made the walk around the kitchen garden very pleasant. The Alitex greenhouse and contents were much admired as were the hand written slates with the names of the plants in the beds outside; it was great to see a productive greenhouse. James was very interesting and clearly enthusiastic about what he does and how he does it. Their menu is different from others’ as they tailor it to what is in season currently - rather than the other way around, sourcing food to fit their menu.

We didn’t see the pigs but we did see the chooks (they’ve got different breeds that produce different size/colour eggs so you can choose which you have for breakfast) and the quails. They’ve had problems with mink getting in to the quail pen recently. James also told us about the cray fish (not the indigenous ones but the American bruisers) that they have found in the river and now serve on the menu!

All in all – a lovely event, the morning didn’t feel like work and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.”

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