Seasonal change and time to start flexing the gardening muscles

National Trust freestanding Mottisfont greenhouse is Wood Sage

Whilst we are still enjoying the heat of late August, the dew seems to be heavier on the ground in the morning and sitting out in the garden each evening is getting cooler.

Seasonal change and the alternating rhythms of the natural world are certainly things to appreciate living in the UK. Talking to Graham from the design office yesterday we noticed how the sun has stopped climbing over the trees (a mix of native British, including poplars) on our lawns here at Torberry and that seasonal change is upon us.

Last weekend I started on my herbaceous borders, using a tool recommended and purchased from Marina Christopher (who will join us on Saturday 14th September at our next Open Day) scything in one swoop plants that had gone over. I have thoroughly enjoyed this border, inspired by Marina, planted to bring wildlife into the garden – my appreciation and knowledge of butterflies has grown enormously. I have been busy taking cuttings, ready to grow on for the garden next year. Since they will need to be stored somewhere, it’s time to start cleaning out the greenhouse.

Paul Hewitt, our Greenhouse Clean and Care specialist recommends using any free time you have to start cleaning the interior and checking on any general maintenance which will need doing in the Autumn. Sarah Wain from West Dean always extolls a good hard scrubbing brush on any pots lying around. Your Alitex blinds will still be in use on hot days – what an amazing job they’ve done this summer - make sure they are in good condition for next year.

The Alitex team are a bunch of keen gardeners and this is what they are all up to:

Norma and Daphne from the accounts department are delighted that their water butts are still full, as their gardens are still thirsty. Greg from accounts is “letting nature take its course”, which I think indicates that the football season has started. Dave T from the design office and Allotment supremo (with Sarah from Production) are enjoying elephant garlic and contemplating whether they are patient enough to grow asparagus next year.

Graham is making sure his runner beans are being picked regularly. Jess is extending the life of her potted flowers by consistent watering. Sally is lamenting the fact she’s lost plants due to inconsistent watering although her house has been taken over by Virginia Creeper, so huge chopping needed. Tom and Nelly are planning a big seasonal tidy up. Chris has his eye on how high the plants have grown and senses his “things to do”, list is being added to!

Any efforts in the garden are rewarded at some point in the year, which is the beauty of gardening and the seasons. Any greenhouse tidying and cleaning will ensure good healthy plants and crop in the future.

If we can help with annual maintenance of your Alitex greenhouse please contact the team.

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